This Is What You Need to Know about Censia’s ReadyToHire Platform and Pandemic Hiring

This Is What You Need to Know about Censia’s ReadyToHire Platform and Pandemic Hiring

The coronavirus pandemic has created serious economic issues in cities across the United States. With shelter-in-place orders issued and the majority of small businesses shut down, many people suddenly find themselves without employment while companies feel forced to downsize.

The road to economic recovery will likely be quite challenging as companies slowly re-expand their workforces and qualified employees hunt for work from home positions or try to return to the office in the months to come. Technology will play an important role in facilitating this return to work and getting the American economy operating effectively as quickly as possible. In addition, technology as a role to play in maximizing employment while the pandemic is still disrupting employment.

One tool that both companies and employees have available to them now is ReadyToHire, a platform launched by artificial technology (AI) company Censia. Using AI, Censia works to connect individuals to the right jobs based on their unique combination of skills.

Censia’s ReadyToHire platform is specifically designed to serve people and companies impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The platform uses AI to match workers to job openings at companies that urgently need employees. The AI-driven system ensures that candidates have the skills and background necessary for success in this new position. Best of all, the program is free for both individuals and companies, nor does it require any sort of installation or integration.

ReadyToHire Available for Both Companies and Individuals


Censia developed the ReadyToHire tool in response to the sudden shift in workflow caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The virus has left more than 16 million American unemployed. The platform makes it possible for companies forced to lay off their employees to add these displaced workers to a specialized pool of candidates. These candidates are tagged as ready for immediate hire. In addition, people can add themselves individually to the pool.

This feature ensures that matches are made quickly and include only people ready to begin a new position immediately. Companies that currently need new employees have access to the database free of charge. Once these companies access the hiring database, the Censia AI system immediately shows them the candidates most suited to their available positions.

The situation for many companies and individuals changed drastically and rapidly due to COVID-19. ReadyToHire has been uniquely designed to meet the needs of virtually anyone impacted by the virus. For people who have lost employment, the platform helps them get rehired as quickly as possible.

Censia has also prepared a resource kit for individuals in this situation that can be used to improve marketability. The AI system automatically highlights these individual’s most transferable and marketable skills based on past positions.

Companies currently hiring may struggle to adapt to a suddenly expanded talent pool, but ReadyToHire makes it is easy to find qualified candidates. The system provides a ranked list of matching candidates. Also, these companies may qualify for incentives if they hire displaced talent.


An In-Depth Look at the Unique Censia Talent Intelligence System

The Censia AI system has long served the needs of companies recruiting new talent and individuals looking for employment. An AI-based talent intelligence system relies heavily on neural networks, which are sort of like word clusters. These neural networks link skills, experiences, and more to particular roles.

While it sounds simple, these networks help create a holistic and multidimensional picture of the ideal candidate and avoid the issue of people being overlooked by traditional job-match programs that rely on keywords alone. Using the Censia system, companies can upload a resume or even use the LinkedIn profile of the ideal candidate for a position to create a profile used to find matches.

Next, the Censia AI system uses predictive analysis to break down the model created by neural networks. Predictive analysis helps identify the factors most likely to lead to success for a candidate in a particular position. The system actually looks at how different factors influence each other in the context of different career tracks.

Taking dozens of characteristics into account at the same time is incredibly important since people are complex, but this sort of analysis is not feasible without the help of AI. Once the system prioritizes the characteristics most likely to lead to success in a given role, it creates the Ideal Candidate Model that is used to search for matches.

The final step in the Censia process is a deep search. This AI-driven search goes beyond public profiles and uses a proprietary database of candidates. Information in the database comes from thousands of professional sources and is regularly checked and updated to ensure that candidates are represented accurately.

Best of all, the entire process takes a matter of minutes, which means companies pressed for new employees during the pandemic can begin interviewing quickly and fill their position without a big delay. Companies and individuals interested in learning more about the ReadyToHire platform or ready to get involved with the process can start at

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