About Joanna Riley

Tech Executive and Angel Investor Joanna Riley


Joanna (Jo) Riley is the co-founder and CEO of Censia, a software platform and talent intelligence tool fueled by data-science and predictive technology. In her work with Censia, Joanna Riley focuses on using AI to positively disrupt the talent acquisition industry and create a workforce where top-tier talent is easily matched with first-class opportunities.

Ms. Riley has a professional history marked by leadership in the tech sector, including experience in helping to launch several technology startups in the United States. She co-founded and served as managing director and CEO of the SaaS solution firm 1-Page, which she led to a successful IPO in 2016, and previously served as the CEO of the direct marketing company Performance Advertising Associates. In addition to her personal experience as a tech leader and entrepreneur, Ms. Riley is currently involved in the promotion of early-stage companies as an angel investor. She is an advisor, partner, and investor in a collection of startups in the employee wellness, fashion technology, and market intelligence sectors.

Ms. Riley has been featured in a number of prominent periodicals, including the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Bloomberg, and TechCrunch. Because of her professional experience as a tech entrepreneur and investor, she has been invited to speak at such high-profile events as the G20 Summit, Rethink! HR Tech Europe, and the Goldman Sachs Private Internet Company Conference. She is also a recipient of the Power 30 Under 30 Award for Professional and Community Excellence.

Joanna Riley holds a bachelor of arts in foreign affairs from the University of Virginia and formerly served with the FBI’s International Training and Assistance Unit. She is currently continuing her education through Harvard Business School’s Presidents Program. In a recent interview, Ms. Riley advised young entrepreneurs to push boundaries and learn to see failures as valuable lessons in business.